The Materials Science & Engineering Program (MSEP) of the College of Science was established in June 1992, a joint program of the College of Science and College of Engineering of the University of the Philippines Diliman, that provides students access to graduate studies that lead to a M.S. or PhD degree. Educational goals are achieved through both coursework and training in interdisciplinary research supervised by one or more MSE faculty member. The interests of program faculty span most areas of specialization at the forefront of materials science and engineering research, including polymers and biomaterials, computational materials science, semiconductors, materials for energy storage and conversion, magnetic materials, nanomaterials and materials for electronics and photonics.




To provide advanced training in the characterization, processing and applications of materials and to promote research and development program that will support the industrialization efforts of the country. The program aims to attract high quality young researchers from all departments and institutes of the UP College of Science and Engineering as well as from other UP campuses, prestigious universities in the Philippines or from abroad to help jump-start the development of Materials Science in the country.