Materials Science and Engineering 266 Polymer Materials / Chemistry Course Outline

  • First Part

History, Definitions, and Nomenclature

Addition and Condensation

Stepwise and Chain Polymerization

Polycondensation, Polyaddition, Ring-opening Reactions

Addition and Condensation

Addition Radical, Ionic Polymerization and Radical Copolymerization

Formaldehyde and Alkyd Resins, Vulcanized Rubbers

High Performance and Conducting Polymers, Polymers with Functionalized Side Chains, Polymeric Photoresists, Biodegradable Polymers

UV, Fluorescence, IR, Raman, NMR, ESR

  1. Introduction
  2. Classifications
  3. Stepwise Growth Polymerization
  4. Chain Growth Polymerization
  5. Three Dimensional Networks
  6. Functional Polymers
  7. Chemical Analysis and Spectral Characterizationss
  • Second Part

Molecular Weight Distribution and Averages, Polymer Size and Size-Molecular Weight Relations, Size and hydrodynamic Properties

Commercial Polymers, Additives, Catalysts

Mechanical, Thermal and Electrical Properties

Xray Diffraction, ESCA, SEM

  1. Polymer Molecular Weight, Size and Shape
  2. Polymer Technology
  3. Physico-chemical Testing
  4. Xray Diffraction, Light and Electron Microscopy


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