Materials Science and Engineering 217 Laboratory Module on Scanning Electron Microscopy Course Objectives

  1. To learn how to use and manipulate the scanning electron microscope (SEM) for various analyses such as morphological analysis, failure analysis, and others.
  2. To learn the techniques of preparing material samples for SEM viewing.
  3. To perform basic maintenance operations needed for the efficient performance of the SEM
  4. To perform at least one type of analysis using the SEM and prepare a technical report out of it.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction
    1. Laboratory rules and reminders on safety precautions
    2. Review on electron microscopes
    3. Appropriate gear when using the SEM
    4. Introduction to LEICA S440 SEM
  2. Various types of samples for SEM analysis and its preparations
    1. Various analyses with SEM sample
    2. Types of samples
    3. Characteristics of an SEM sample
    4. Preparation techniques
    5. Actual sample preparation
  3. Operating the SEM specifically the LEICA S440 model
    1. Instrumental parameters
    2. Hands-on operation of the LEICA S440 SEM
  4. Data Gathering and Analysis
    1. Data gathering
    2. Data analysis
    3. Presentation of results and analysis
  5. Basic maintenance operations of the SEM
    1. Critical areas requiring regular BMO
    2. Supplementary experiments to SEM
    3. Submission of pre-print


  • LEICA S440 SEM Operator Manual version V.2.02, Leica Cambridge Ltd. ©1995