Materials Science and Engineering 298B Environmental Materials (Materials for the Environment) Course Outline

  1. Introduction
    1. Important examples and their current use from each class of materials.
    2. General problems encountered with these materials in the environment
  2. Materials and the Environment
    1. Materials’ behavior in the environment
    2. Materials’ life cycle in the environment
    3. Materials’ toxicity to the environment
  3. Materials for Environmental Applications
    1. Substitutes and alternatives for safer environment
    2. Processing of materials for safer environment
    3. Recycling of materials
    4. Materials for environmental analysis
  4. Treatment and Management Strategies / Technologies
    1. Setting standards for materials
    2. Existing regulations on treatment and management of materials
    3. Treatment technologies
  5. Students’ Seminar on Materials for the Environment
    1. Waste electronic materials management
    2. New packaging materials for microelectronics
    3. Alternatives to incinerating materials
    4. Disposal and recycling of polymers in the Philippine setting
    5. Smart materials for monitoring environmental pollutants
    6. Alternatives for plastic shopping bags
    7. Metal recovery
    8. Waste exchange program
    9. Ceramics and glass recycling in the Philippines
    10. Remediation studies of metal pollutants
    11. Local regulation on management of materials
    12. Life cycle of materials (specific polymers, meals, ceramics)
    13. Encapsulation technologies