AGCAOILIMARIANNE THERESERII-2011-2012“Signal Isolation Enhancement via Filter Cascading in an Optical Module Assembly for Next Generation PON (NGPON) Applications ”Dr. Henry J. Ramos, Professor
AGRADENA MAEG.I-1994-1995"Infrared (IR) Properties of Cholesteric-Nematic (E7: TM74A) Liquid Crystals Polymer Dispersions"Dr. Zenaida B. Domingo, Assistant Professor
ALBIAJASONRI-2013-2014“Influence of C-defects on Enhanced Nucleation of Al and In on Si(100): 2x1:A Kinetic Monte Carlo Study”Dr. Henry J. Ramos, Professor
AMOSFAIRLANDF.I-2000-2001"Liquid Crystalline Textures of Erythrocyte (Red Blood Cell) Lipid Systems"Dr. Leonorina G. Cada, Associate Professor
ARNISTOSOJOSE OMARS.I-1999-2000"Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) of Titanium Nitride on Silicon (100)"Dr.Marlon Rosendo H. Daza, Assistant Professor
AWITANFRITZ CHRISTIANBSUM-2011-2012“Growth of Indium Oxide (In2O3) Nanostructures Via Direct Thermal Oxidation of Gold(Au)-coated Indium(In) Films”Dr. Arnel A. Salvador, Professor
BANGANANESMERALDAL.I-1997-1998Non-Thesis Option
BAUTISTAKRISTIN MARIA ANGELUSN.I-2005-2006“Ohmic Contacts to Gallium Arsenide-based Devices”Dr. Arnel A. Salvador, Professor
BISQUERAWILFREDO JRF.II-2008-2009“Regenerable Antimicrobial Polyurethane Coating Based on Castor Oil, and N-Halamine Copolymer”Dr. Florentino C. Sumera. Professor
CALAMBAKATHERINEM.I-2012-2013“Morphology and Surface Modification of C60 Fullerene Nanowhiskers by the Incorporation of Polyaniline in N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone”Dr. Cherry L. Ringor, Associate Professor
CAMBALIZAMA. OBIMINDAL.II-1997-1998" Performance of a Raman Confocal-Theta Microscope for Materials Analysis"Dr. Caesar A. Saloma, Professor
CENIZACLAUDERSUM-2011-2012“Growth of Indium Aluminum Nitride Films Using Reactive RF-Magnetron Sputtering”Dr. Armando S. Somintac, Associate Professor,
DACLANRENATO JRA.SUM-2010-2011“Synthesis of Vertically Oriented Transparent Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) Nanotube Films”Dr. Armando S. Somintac, Associate Professor
DASECOJOANNA ABIGAELA.Glow Discharge Plasma Modification of Electrospun Polylactic Acid-Cellulose Acetate-Chitosan Fiber MatsDr. Henry J. Ramos
DAVILALIZAT.II-2001-2002"Effect of the Extent of Imidization of the Alignment Layer on the Induced Pretilt Angle of Nematic Liquid Crystal E7"Dr. Zenaida B. Domingo, Professor
DILLAED ADRIANA.II-2014-2015"Titanium Dioxide Nanotube-Based Module for Dye Testing"Dr. Armando S. Somintac
DIZONROGELIOG.II-2009-2010“Synthesis of Anodic Aluminum Oxide (AAO) from Aluminum Thin Film Deposited via RF Magnetron Sputtering on Silicon Substrate”Dr. Armando S. Somintac, Assistant Professor
FAUSTINOMARIA ANGELAB.Terahertz Emission Enhancement of Semi-insulating Gallium Arsenide Incorporated weith Sub-wavelength One-dimensional Metal Line ArrayDr. Elmer S. Estacio
FELIXMARK JAYSON BTerahertz Emission in Silicon Nanopyramids and Terahertz Filters Based on Ait-Acetate StackDr. Elmer S. Estacio
GARCIAMARIA CARMELAVII-2011-2012“Effects of Kaolinite Particle Size and Sintering Temperature on the Porosity of Mullite-Based Porous Ceramics”Dr. Cherry L. Ringor, Assistant Professor
GILLADOARMIDATII-2011-2012“A Novel Nontronite-Based Polyaniline Free-Standing Conductive Nanocomposite Film”Dr. Cherry L. Ringor, Assistant Professor
GONZALESRHONA OLIVIAM.II-2010-2011“Electrochemical Fabrication of Nanoporous Silicon”Dr. Armando S. Somintac, Associate Professor
HERRERAMARVINU.I-2003-2004“Synthesis of Pb-Free Bi-2223 from Bi-2212, Ca3CuO2 and CuO”Dr. Roland V. Sarmago, Professor
LAGSAEARL VINCENTB.I-2007-2008“A Method for Predicting Package Cracking and Moisture Sensitivity of Non-Hermetic Solid State Surface Mount Devices during Reflow Soldering”Dr. Henry J. Ramos , Professor
LALANTARASMIA MILLANYM.I-1997-1998"Dye-Induced Reorientation in Methyl Red-E7 Guest-Host System"Dr. Zenaida B. Domingo, Assistant Professor
LANIOGJEANN.II-1999-2000"Growth and Electrical Characterization of Liquid Phase Epitaxial Gallium Arsenide and Heterojunctions"Dr. Arnel A. Salvador, Associate Professor
LEBITANIAJULIE ANNED.II-2014-2015"Anodized Titanium Dioxide Nanotube Film and Its Application for Adsorption and Spectroscopic Detection of Copper (II) Ions in Water"Dr. Armando S. Somintac
LOBERTERNOSREGINEA.SUM-2009-2010“AAO-Patterned Gold Nanodots as Catalysts for VLS Growth of GaAs Nanowires”Dr. Armando S. Somintac, Assistant Professor
LOPEZLORENZO JRP.II-2014-2015"Thermo-optic Coefficient of Electrochemically-etched Porous Silicon Layers"Dr. Armando S. Somintac
MANUELAYN HAZELDGI-2006-2007“Growth of YBa2Cu3O7-δ(Y-123) and YBa2Cu3(1-x)Fe3xO7-δ(YBCFO) Films Grown on LaAIO3 via the Combined Method of Powder Deposition and Liquid Phase Sintering Technique”Dr. Roland V. Sarmago, Professor
MARQUEZMENANDROCII-2011-2012“Molecular Self-assembly of Polyaniline and Tetrasulphonated Copper Phthalocyanine on Zinc Oxide for Solar Cell Application”Dr. Florentino C. Sumera, Professor
MISAJOHN VINCENTA.I-2006-2007“Fabrication and Characterization of InGaAs/InAlAs Semiconductor Structures Lattice Matched on (100) InP Grown via Molecular Beam Epitaxy”Dr. Arnel A. Salvador, Professor
MONDARTEEVAN ANGELOQ.II-2014-2015"Investigation of Al-doped ZnO and N-doped CuxO Thin Films deposited via Spray Pyrolysis for Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting"Dr. Armando S. Somintac
NUNEZJULIUS ANDREWP.Photocatalytic and Antibacterial Activities of Magnetron Sputtered TiO2 on Polymethylmethacrylate Substrate
PARANALPAUL ERICB.II-2001-2002"Photo-Induced Flow Resulting to Transient and Non-Local Optical Nonlinearity in Methyl Red-Doped Nematic Liquid Crystal E7"Dr. Marlon Rosendo H. Daza, Associate Professor
PESIGANCHRISTIANDII-2011-2012“Surface Modification and Nanostructure Formation by CF4 Gas Plasma Treatment of Polypropylene”Dr. Henry J. Ramos, Professor
PODPODARNITAC.SUM-2003-2004“Inx Ga1-xAs (100) InP Substrate Optoelectronic Devices Via Molecular Beam Epitaxy”Dr. Arnel Salvador, Professor
POSADASAGHAM BAYANS.II-1996-1997"Study of the Reaction Pathways in the Transformation of Bi-2212 to Bi-2223"Pos
QUEREBILLOCHRISTINE JOYUSUM-2012-2013“Raman Study of Few-layer Graphene and Functionalized Few-layer Graphene Samples and Determining Beta-decay Constant of Alkanethiol- and Conjugated Molecule-based Self Assembled Monolayers Using Mercury-Drop Junction"Dr. Arnel A. Salvador, Professor
RILLERAHANNAHP.II-2007-2008“Liquid Phase Synthesis and Morphological Investigation of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+β Superconductor Films”Dr. Roland V. Sarmago, Professor
SALAMANIAJANELLA MAER.II-2014-2015"Investigation of the Structural, Optical and Oxidation Properties of Ti1-xAlxN Using a Composition Spred Thin Film"Dr. Henry J. Ramos
SANTOSGIL NONATOC.SUM-2006-2007“Fabrication and Characterization of Tin Oxide (SnO2) Nanomaterial Prepared via the Horizontal Vapor Phase Growth Technique”Dr. Arnel A. Salvador, Professor
SANTOS-PUTUNGANALEXANDRABSUM-2012-2013“Electrical Properties and AFM Manipulation of Hydrothermally Grown ZnO Microrods”Dr. Roland V. Sarmago, Professor
SEMBLANTEOLIVERD.SUM-2009-2010“Synthesis of Aluminum Nitride Thin Film Using Reactive RF-Magnetron Sputtering”Dr. Armando S. Somintac, Assistant Professor
SOMINTACARMANDOS.SUM-2000-2001"Growth and Characterization of GaAs-Based Optoelectronic Devices Grown via Molecular Beam Epitaxy"Dr. Arnel A. Salvador, Professor
SYJOANNES PAULUSM.II-2003-2004“ Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy of 50Ǻ and 120Ǻ GaAs/AlGaAs Multiple Quantum Wells Grown on on-axis (100) and off-axis (4˚ towards (111)) GaAs Substrates”Dr. Arnel A. Salvador, Professor
TABAJONDAROWELB.II-2009-2010“Surface Studies on Silicon Nitride Thin Film Fabricated using Ion Beam Deposition of Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc System”Dr. Henry J. Ramos
TALARAMIEZELL.II-2009-2010“Fabrication of Submicron V-gate GaAs MESFET via Chemical Etching”Dr. Armando S. Somintac, Assistant Professor
TAPIAALVIN KARLOG.II-2007-2008“Ageing Polyaniline Base Films: Effects on Structural and Electrical Properties after Doping”Dr. Roland V. Sarmago, Professor
TARUNALVARADOB.I-1999-2000"Characterization of a V-Channeled Substrate Inner Stripe Semiconductor Laser via the Optical Feedback Technique"Dr.Marlon Rosendo H. Daza, Assistant Professor
TINACAERIN JOYCDeposition of ZnO on Soda-lime glass via microwave atmospheric plasma jet for photo-degradation of rhodamine 6G dye
TINGJULIE ANNES.II-2010-2011“Enhanced Adhesion of Epoxy on a Stainless Steel Surface Treated with O2/Ar Microwave Plasma”
TINGJULIE ANNES.II-2013-2014"Modifying Surface Wetting Characteristics Using Low Pressure and Atmospheric Microwave Plasma"Dr. Henry J. Ramos
VILLAMINMARIA EMMACTime Dependent Contact wear measurement of magnetic recording headsDR. ARNEL A. SALVADOR
VILOANROMMEL PAULOBI-2013-2014“Carbide and DLC Synthesis within the Ti-Al-C System via Sputter Deposition”Dr. Henry J. Ramos, Professor